By Serena Saunders

Amid closing out my work responsibilities for the year, studying for final exams and baking holiday cookies with my mom, I always try to use December to reflect on the months before it. This year’s no different: I’m thinking about ways I’ve grown professionally, made new connections and tried to expand my horizons.

In particular, I’m looking at ways to reconnect with old mentors, such as professors who have written me recommendation letters and internship coordinators who connected me to other opportunities. But I don’t need anything from them now, which brought me to (what I think is) the most awkward part of networking: how do you really connect with someone when there’s no specific “ask” for them?


Running Start

Giving young women the Running Start they need to achieve political power through education & inspiration. Nonpartisan. Retweets, Replies & Follows ≠Endorsement

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